Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 26

On this day in 1959, Kevin Spacey was born in New Jersey. Now here is a high caliber actor who can do virtually anything. He is a superb serious actor, as can be seen in any number of titles, such as The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, and his short, but extremely powerful stint in Seven. He is a riotous comedian, as can be seen in K-PAX, The Men Who Stare at Goats, along with his cameo in Austin Powers in Goldmember. He does great voice work, as seen in A Bug’s Life and the enjoyable and sleeper film Moon. And he can sing and dance to boot (see Beyond the Sea).

I apologize. I did not intend for this blurb to be more of a filmography, but with an actor like Spacey, who has received Oscars for lead AND supporting actor, who can resist? No matter what the movie, Kevin Spacey is always a scene-stealer. I once read an interview with Spacey in which he was asked (about Superman Returns) how one would be able to play Lex Luthor without immitating the Gene Hackman version. His reply? “Don’t watch the Gene Hackman version.” Classy, very classy!

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