What Movies Predict for the Next 40 Years


[via Neatorama]

I love science fiction movies, but I adore science fiction movies that depict futuristic human society in a year that has already come and gone. For example, Escape From New York is one of my all-time favourite films, and part of it is totally because it’s a vision of how people in our recent past envisioned the world of the present. John Carpenter’s depiction of New York in 1997 was waaaaay off, but that’s kinda what makes it terrific. Neil Marshall pulled a similar trick in his film Doomsday, but this time very deliberately. The opening scene of Doomsday takes place in early 2008 – the same year as the film’s release – and I remember actually seeing the movie in the theatre on the exact same day as the one from the film’s opening scene.

Anyway, here’s a list of movies that have dated themselves and are lined up to pass their due dates. Where’s my Hoverboard? And where’s Robocop, damnit?!

Hit the jump for another example from a 1995 episode of The Simpsons…guaranteed to make you feel old.


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