A Gallery Of Awesome Calvin and Hobbes-Inspired Artwork


Calvin and Hobbes is, hands-down, the greatest comic of all time. You can keep your Batmans and your Spider-mans and your Peanuts and your Garfields – there is no comic better than Bill Watterson’s amazing stories of a boy and his imaginary (?) tiger. Calvin and Hobbes is just so jam-packed with energy, whimsy, humour and style that I could gush about it all over the place for hours and still have tons of praise to heap on it afterwards. But I’ll spare you my shameless love of C&H and instead demonstrate just how profound an influence the comic has had on artists all over by presenting to you a gallery of hilarious, wicked and beautiful artwork – all of it inspired by our favourite spiky-haired six year old and his sardonic feline companion. The pictures lie just below the cut!

Calvin and Hobbes






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