A Sandman TV Series Is Supposedly In The Works


[via Heat Vision]

Is this good news or bad news? Heat Vision is reporting that Warner Bros. television is working on a TV series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s medium-defining series of graphic novels The Sandman. At the moment, WBTV is in talks with DC to acquire the rights to The Sandman, and Eric Kripke, creator of the TV show Supernatural is set to write and produce. Now, I can already hear some of you typing angry letters to WBTV in an attempt to stop this going forward, but I wouldn’t worry about it. There have been multiple attempts to turn Sandman into movies and TV shows over the years – a movie version was supposed to happen in the 90’s, but it fell through, and for a long time James Mangold and HBO were trying to make a series out of it, but neither ever came to fruition. Heat Vision says that “securing Gaiman will prove key for the project to go forward,” which tells me that there will be one of two outcomes here: either Gaiman won’t sign off on it and the project will disappear (probably for the best), or Gaiman will sign on and we’ll be treated to a Sandman series that at least has the author’s stamp of approval. It’s win-win, people! But for now, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.

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