Remixing the Eccentric: Jessi Slaughter

Brace yourselves, guys, because we’re getting into wild west territory here. Not too long ago, rumours began to spread that 11-year-old Jessica Leonhardt, a.k.a. Jessi Slaughter, a minor celebrity on StickyDrama and fan of the band Blood on the Dance Floor, was having an underage sexual relationship with BotDF musician Dahvie Vanity. No, I’ve never listened to any Blood on the Dance Floor music, nor do I care that this Dahvie Vanity guy is apparently a pervert. In fact, nobody would have cared about any of this had Jessi Slaughter not started making cocky videos of herself bitching out the people who started the rumour. Hurling insults and making idle threats, Slaughter claimed that the haters didn’t phase her. How wrong she was. Someone on 4chan noticed and posted the video seen above on their forums, and suddenly Slaughter was being bombarded by derogatory comments, e-mails, and even prank phone calls. As you can probably guess, she was phased.

Thing is, if Slaughter had stopped making videos, the chaos probably would’ve died down fairly quickly. It seems like 4chan users’ intentions were just to put the potty-mouthed 11-year-old in her place, but no, Slaughter kept making new videos, and this one, which features her insane father who obviously knows nothing about the internet, caught on even more than the original video. Slaughter and family had become a laughingstock. They had to change their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and move. They probably even changed their names, the harassment got so bad. Let this be a lesson to you, people. If you threaten and insult the internet, the internet will fight back – and it’s a lot bigger than you are. And the first way it’ll fight back is with a remix!

I don’t condone any of what happened to Jessi Slaughter and her family, but I don’t condone letting 11-year-old kids post videos of themselves threatening to “pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushee” either. Parents, keep an eye on your kiddies and teach them some net responsibility. For more on the Slaughter saga, now known as Slaughtergate, check out this very thorough article on KnowYourMeme.

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