Remixing the Eccentric: Gingers Have Souls

Youtube user CopperCab is VERY displeased that South Park has made “ginger” into a negative stereotype, and that the show has implied that gingers don’t have souls. While I understand that the guy must be pretty hurt that the people at his school are making fun of him, I don’t really think that shouting at a video camera and then posting the videos on Youtube is a good way to avoid further teasing. I mean, the fact of the matter is that it only leads to stuff like this:

Now, for the record: we at TBR don’t care what colour your hair is, nor do we care what colour this kid’s hair is. It sucks that he’s being mocked at school, but c’mon, we’ve all been there. CopperCab, if you’re reading this, listen up: if you don’t want people making fun of you, stop making these videos. And consider yourself lucky that you didn’t end up in Jessi Slaughter’s situation!

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