Remixing the Eccentric: Slap-Chop

Today on “Remixing the Eccentric” we’re going to look at a very interesting instance of remixing – the Slap Chop remix. Offer “Vince” Shlomi is a comedian whose only real comedy work was on the film The Underground Comedy Movie, which Shlomi wrote, directed, and starred in. The movie was met with nearly universally negative reviews, and soon Offer was firing off lawsuits left and right, all of which revolved around the movie. He alleged that the Farrelly brothers ripped off a bunch of material from There’s Something About Mary from his film, as well as suing both Anna Nicole Smith and the Church of Scientology. The Underground Comedy Movie was a total flop until Offer decided to try marketing it using an infomercial – a tactic he borrowed from the Girls Gone Wild videos. The informercial was a success, resulting in 50,000 copies of his apparently crappy movie being sold, and Offer decided that infomercials were his golden ticket. He then filmed two infomercials for ShamWow and the Slap-Chop, which brings us to the remix.

Unlike many people who find themselves remixed, Offer actually dug the remix of his commercial and made a deal with DJ Steve Porter so that the remix and the original infomercial could both be shown on TV. Finally someone who recognizes the brilliance of a good remix! Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending for Offer, as he was arrested in 2009 for slapping around a prostitute. Should’ve stuck to the Slap-Chop, dude.

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