A Tribute to Adrianna Miles: The Worst Actress of All Time!

Consider this a little teaser to a column I’m writing about my top ten favourite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which will be posted here sometime this weekend. This footage is from a movie they riffed called Werewolf and if I had to make a selection for the worst actress I have ever seen, I would choose the leading lady from this film, Adrianna Miles. The best analogy I could make is that she’s a female version of Tommy Wiseau, delivering her lines in the most weird, stilted fashion imaginable with a strange accent of unknown origin. This montage showcases many of her acting highlights in the film, including her inability to properly pronounce the word “werewolf”. I have no idea whatever happened to Adrianna Miles, but one of my ultimate visions of Hell is the thought of her and Tommy Wiseau ever doing a movie together! Anyway, to learn more about the pure awfulness that is Werewolf, stay tuned for my column.

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