Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 23

Mickey Rooney is a legendary comedian who turns 90 today. NINETY! And he is still acting! In the last decade alone, he has been in 22 movies, with three more still to come out. That means that while in his 80s, he was working more than Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, and George Clooney. And that is only in the past 10 years! Mickey Rooney has no fewer than 323 acting credits to his name! These credits go as far back as 1926. Now for some history: the first film to ever have synchronized dialogue (ie. the first non-silent film) was The Jazz Singer in 1927. Therefore, many of Mickey Rooney’s earliest acting credits were in silent pictures. That makes him the only silent film actor who is still acting today. Get on your knees and worship!

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