A Sign of the Times


Here’s a trailer for Christopher Morris’ new comedy Four Lions, about a group of incompetent British jihadists intent on perpetrating their own major act of terrorism. But of course, being a bunch of bumbling idiots, their plans go awry every step of the way, much to the amusement of the audience. Personally, I think this will probably be pretty funny, and I’ll admit that the shot near the end of the trailer where the guy trips and explodes made me laugh pretty hard. But more important than the chuckles this preview induces is the fact that a movie has been made that focuses entirely on mocking terrorism. I think that’s a pretty incredible thing. This kind of film would never have been greenlit even five years ago. I guess people are finally starting to realize that being scared is what the terrorists want, and the surest way to fight them is to laugh at them. Verrrrrry interesting.

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