Get Swept Up In A Sushi Typhoon!

I was talking with the wily and illusive Tom Lando last night about some recent trailers I featured on the Back Row, only to find myself chastised for not having discovered them sooner. “OLD.” was Lando’s response to my postings, and he proceeded to send me this awesome Sushi Typhoon preview reel and told me that he’s known about Helldriver and Mutant Girls Squad for months now. Turns out that Helldriver and Mutant Girls Squad are two of the headlining films of the new Sushi Typhoon label – a subsidiary of Nikkatsu studios, Japan’s oldest movie studio! Sushi Typhoon looks to bring us only the most splattery, bizarre and twisted films in the vein of my personal favourites Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl. Along with Helldriver and Mutant Girls Squad , Sushi Typhoon is releasing Alien vs. Ninja, Cold Fish (directed by Sion Sono, the mad genius behind Love Exposure), Karate Robo Zaborgar (by Noboru Iguchi of The Machine Girl) and Yakuza Weapon, all under the guidence of Takashi Miike! It sounds too good to be true! So brace yourselves, folks, because there’s a Sushi Typhoon headed our way, and it’s coming to North America…when you least expect!

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