“24”: The Musical – Kim Bauer vs. The Cougar

Yesterday, Gill posted a clip about a musical version of Commando, in addition to his previously posted musical versions of Conan the Barbarian and Total Recall. Well, those same folks have also done an hilarious musical version of 24, though they have decided to center it around the least exciting subplot in the show’s history. As awesome as 24 was, even the writers and the show’s most devout fans will admit they made a major brainfart during one episode of Season Two. While Jack Bauer was busy brutally torturing a terrorist over the location of a nuclear bomb, the writers clearly had no clue about what they were going to do with Kim Bauer, so they simply had her spend this episode wandering through the woods, getting her foot caught in an animal trap, and cowering in fear when a cougar showed up! This video is especially good because it features every male 24 fan’s favourite shot in the entire series: the very clear glimpse through a see-through white tank top of Elisha Cuthbert’s nipples.

On a related note, I’m currently working on a column listing my top 24 favourite 24 moments of all time. I have a feeling Kim’s run-in with the cougar will probably NOT make the cut.

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