The Joker Blogs

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to “The Joker Blogs”, a series of Youtube shorts that chronicle what happened to the Joker after The Dark Knight after he was committed to Arkham Asylum. This was made on the smallest possible budget and consists simply of “found” recordings of the Joker’s therapy sessions, but it’s brilliantly done and winds up telling a pretty compelling story, so Dark Knight fans should quickly find themselves addicted once they start watching. The actor playing the Joker is named Scott McClure, and he has done a tremendous bang-on job of recapturing Heath Leader’s performance from The Dark Knight. He also functions as writer, director and producer for “The Joker Blogs” and the series was shrouded in such mystery af first that no one even knew the name of the person behind it for quite some time, but it’s now developed quite a bit of a cult following. Since theĀ  pilot episode is actually one of the weakest in the series, I’ve decided to display Episode 3, “Meet Steve” (where the Joker escapes his cell and videotapes himself doing crazy shit) as a sample, but I do encourage you to watch them all.

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