Before They Were Stars: Eric Bana Impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger on “The Eric Bana Show Live”

You wouldn’t know it by the films he’s made in Hollywood, but Eric Bana used to be one of the biggest comedy stars in Australia. After gaining fame on the successful Australian sketch comedy series, Full Frontal, he actually got his own short-lived comedy show, The Eric Bana Show Live, in 1997. In the sketch, Bana does double duty, simultanteously playing Australian television journalist Ray Martin and doing an hilarious impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a shame that Bana has mostly only gotten to play serious roles since coming over to Hollywood and the first director to actually let him showcase his comedic side was Judd Apatow when he cast him in Funny People. On the basis of this, here’s hoping more comedic roles come his way in the future.

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