The Angry Video Game Nerd Reviews the Horrible “Ghostbusters” NES Game

Yesterday, Gill posted about a new Ghostbusters shoot ’em up game that’s set to come out, hot on the heels of the acclaimed Ghostbusters: The Video Game which came out last year. It made me harken back to the original godawful Ghostbusters game that was released on NES in the eighties, one of the many disappointing video games from my childhood that was based on one of my favourite movies (see also Back to the Future). This is one of the most monotonous, repetitive, brain-numbing games you are ever likely to play and after hearing a MIDI version of the Ghostbusters theme play on an endless loop throughout the whole thing, you will never want to hear the song again for a long, LONG time! I’ll let the Angry Video Game Nerd give this game the hilarious thrashing it deserves. The final punchline to this whole segment nearly kills me with laughter every single time I watch it!

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