Before They Were Stars: 8-Year Old C.M. Punk on the “Bozo the Clown Show”

If you’re not a follower of pro wrestling, you may not be familiar with Phil Brooks, a.k.a. WWE superstar C.M. Punk, but if you’re a huge fan of the guy like I am, you can’t imagine how priceless this footage is of him appearing on the Bozo the Clown Show at the age of eight. This footage was only unearthed a few days ago when Punk’s aunt sent it in to a Chicago T.V. station to be shown on the evening news. It’s rumoured that after the cameras stopped rolling, the 8-year old Punk started preaching to Bozo about the “straight edge” lifestyle, but when Bozo ignored him, Punk responded by hitting him with the Pepsi Plunge and the GTS.

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