Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 2

Oh how some celebrities fall from grace. Cuba Gooding Jr. is an actor who had some great early roles in Boyz n the Hood, A Few Good Men, Outbreak, and his Oscar-winning performance in Jerry Maguire. After that Oscar win, however, something happened to Cuba. He started shelling out half-assed performances. Examples include, but are not limited to, As Good As It Gets (which I love, but find Cuba to be the most annoying part of), What Dreams May Come, Chill Factor,Daddy Day Care, Pearl Harbor, Boat Trip, Snow Dogs, and Rat Race. The only performance I truly enjoy from Cuba Gooding Jr. after his Oscar win is the lead in Men of Honor. But hey, as is the case with As Good As It Gets, I still enjoy the movies (mostly). I just find Cuba to be lackluster.

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