The Nonsensical Madness That Is Marvel vs. Capcom 3

This is a trailer for the video game Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which is basically a huge mashup of characters from different video game and comic book franchises, all of whom you can play as in a tournament-style battle to the top. I remember enjoying Marvel vs. Capcom 2 just for the gimmicky fun of it, but any in-game cutscene that makes any attempt to explain why all of these characters are in the same location is doomed to be pure gibberish. According to Rob Bricken from Topless Robot:

[Here we have] Chris Redfield facing down Wesker from Resident Evil and MODOK, only to have the T-Virus stolen by Magneto who is attacked by Arthur from Ghost n’ Goblins and X-23 but then blown away and caught by the Hulk. Oh, and then C. Viper from Street Fighter IV gets a phone call.

Bluuhh? I don’t know who any of those character are besides Magneto and Hulk. This game makes no sense at all.

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