Overnight Golden-Voiced Sensation Ted Williams Kicks Off NBC’s Today Show

This week gave us what will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most heart-warming, happiness-inducing news stories of 2011. At the beginning of this week, Ted Williams was homeless, living on the streets of Colombus, Ohio, asking strangers for their spare change with his amazing, perfect radio voice. After a video of Williams went viral near the end of the week, the Cleveland Cavaliers hired him to do voiceover for them and even got him a house! I find it just incredible how Williams went from homeless to a full-blown internet sensation in only a few days, and it’s all thanks to the people online who spread around his video and got his name (and voice) out there. There may be a lot of problems in this crazy world, but it really brings joy to my little Gill heart to know that Williams has a house, a bed and a job, thanks to the kindness of complete strangers.

Here Ted Williams opens NBC’s Today Show with his terrific voice. Is it just me, or is Meredith Vieira a bit of a bitch to him? I’ve never liked her.

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