“Green Hornet” Villain Was Almost Rastafarian Nicolas Cage?!

Well, The Green Hornet is officially opening in theatres this coming Friday, hot on the heels of this past weekend’s opening of Nicolas Cage’s Season of the Witch, which turned out to be just as bad as everyone thought it would be. However, if things had gone differently, it might have been The Green Hornet which wound up being the big Nicolas Cage stinker of the month. Cage was originally cast as the villain, Chudnofsky, but after numerous disagreements with director Michel Gondry, Cage left the project and was replaced by one of the Back Row’s favourite actors, Christoph Waltz. A new interview with Gondry has finally revealed the main reason behind their friction: apparently, for reasons no one can comprehend, Cage insisted on playing the character with a Jamaican accent!

Hmmmm… Christoph Waltz or Nicolas Cage with a Jamaican accent? Gee, you think they made the right decision on that one? Personally, I would like to thank Mr. Cage for his batshit insanity as it made the casting of Christoph Waltz possible.

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