This New Trailer For Priest Looks Cooler Than The Last One, Gives Too Much Away

I honestly have very little interest in Priest – it didn’t turn up anywhere on any of the most anticipated movies of 2011 lists on our most recent episode of Shouts From the Back Row – but I’ve been following it since it was revealed at Comic Con, so it would be foolish of me to stop now. Besides, it’s pretty inevitable that I’ll see it, as it looks like exactly the kind of mindless sci-fi/horror/action movie that I’d watch one afternoon when I’m bored. This latest trailer, however, does elevate it above the last one somewhat by giving us more plot details. Too bad they gave us too many plot details, because it ruined one of the surprises that the movie could’ve pulled. I didn’t need to know that Karl Urban’s character was a vampire! I just thought he was going to be kinda badass and wear a cowboy outfit – they didn’t have to spell out his entire arc for me! And then there’s that bit where Paul Bettany uses a rock in mid-air as a step like he’s in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Kinda lost me there. Oh well.

Priest comes out May 13, 2011, and I could be wrong on this one, but so far my sources point to it only being released in 3D.

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