Before They Were Stars: Jodie Foster in a Batshit Scary McDonald’s Commercial

This is a very old and very creepy McDonald’s commercial that Jodie Foster appeared in when she was only nine years old, but that’s not the most notable thing about it. In this ad, young Jodie is upset because there are no drinks available at McDonald’s since the evil Grimace stole all the cups. That’s right, they literally refer to him as the “evil” Grimace! Turns out the big purple guy actually started out as a villain in the McDonaldland universe before becoming one of Ronald McDonald’s buddies. It was probably for the best anyway since this early incarnation of Grimace probably gave a lot of kids nightmares and his cup-stealing scheme is foiled pretty easily. The only other time Jodie Foster ever had to deal with villains this dumb was in Flightplan.

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