My Favourite Catherine O’Hara Movie

It’s Catherine O’Hara’s birthday, and I just can’t resist posting this scene from Beetlejuice in her honour. Beetlejuice was the first Catherine O’Hara movie that I ever saw, and because I loved the film so much when I was a kid, I watched it over and over and over – particularly the “Day-O” dinner scene! So here’s to you, Catherine O’Hara! To me, you will always be the mom from Beetlejuice; a role that you should be proud of, because in an all-around great movie filled with wild visuals, you still made a huge impression on me when I was just a lad. I should also note that another choice Catherine O’Hara role that I remember liking in my younger years was her appearence as Calamity Jane in Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip of her part, so here’s a TV spot that could almost double as a “Before They Were Stars” bit, since the movie starred a very young Nick Stahl!

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