Attack the Block Sees Aliens Land Somewhere Other Than America

It’s funny! It’s scary! It’s a movie about a bunch of down-and-out misfit kids who take on an alien invasion in their apartment block! No, I’m not kidding, and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, this also stars Nick Frost. Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block

Follows a gang in South London defending their block from an alien invasion. “Think Assault on Precinct 13 only with monsters and a tower block. Or La Haine crossed with Aliens. It’s inner city vs. outer space.”

Now if that isn’t enough to convince you to see this movie, I don’t know what will be. How can you not like that premise? I say this looks like a really good time.

Attack the Block comes out May 13, 2011 in the UK. No word yet as to when it will be released in North America.

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