Shut Up, Crime!

You know, I honestly thought that after Kick-Ass and Defendor, the normal-guy-as-superhero subgenre of the superhero movie had run its course. I mean, there’s only so much you can do with the premise of an average joe becoming a superhero, be it the result of boredom or mental illness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of James Gunn – I consider Slither to be one of the best horror movies made in the past 20 years – but I was pretty skeptical when I heard the plot summary for Super, because it really just sounded like a total rip-off of Kick-Ass. I was wrong to be skeptical. This looks totally hilarious. Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page are perfect for a couple of wannabe superhero nutjobs (though Seattle crimefighter Red Dragon may take issue with my use of the word ‘wannabe’), Kevin Bacon always makes a good asshole villain, and NATHAN FILLION IS IN THE MOVIE! James Gunn, I tip my hat to you. It looks like you got everything totally right.

Super comes out April 1, 2011.

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