Runstedler’s Special Review: The Volebeats by The Volebeats

I was shocked when I discovered that the wonderful Volebeats had less than 10000 listens on Last FM, so I figured I’d write a review for their latest album to bring some more attention to this great Detroit neo-classic rock band. Clearly influenced by the Stones and The Flying Burrito Brothers, they have a delightful ’60s/’70s production sound, and while their music isn’t masterpiece status, it’s great in its own way, and nearly every song out of its 19 tracks are worth listening to.

You can also hear Gram Parsons when you listen to “Sadness Kicked the Door In” and the country rock elements are definitely there. With all honesty, songs such as “1000 Miles of Confusion” and “What You’ve Been Saying” are comparable to anything on Exile on Main Street, and that’s no overstatement. Widely described as The Sadies’ American counterparts, The Volebeats really deliver with this one. In my opinion, The Volebeats are great, but The Sadies’ album Favourite Colours is an excellent record that is difficult to top. The Volebeats is a record that’s best heard on the road, with poignant, mellowing qualities to its sound and presentation. Check out The Volebeats by The Volebeats and you won’t regret it. The cover art is bloody brilliant too. 8.3/10

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