Remixing the Eccentric: Charlie Sheen

Just what the hell happened to Charlie Sheen anyway? For a long time he was known for being a pretty solid actor – starring in movies like Wall Street and Platoon – and he also had a knack for comedy, which he showed in movies such as Major League and Hot Shots and in his small but hilarious cameo in Being John Malkovich. He also performed in some decent comedy television shows like Spin City and his most recent Two and a Half Men. But then…something went awry in Charlie Sheen’s brain. He became known more for smoking crack and having wild orgiastic parties than for his acting. On top of that, he seemed to be going slowly insane, turning into…well, the next Gary Busey. The TV interview above really illustrates how weird he’s become, as half the time the things he says don’t make any sense at all. “I got tiger blood, man!” I beg your pardon? Naturally, somebody remixed it.

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