Marijuana Smoke vs. Cigarette Smoke

I don’t even know where to start with this one. A cigarette smoker is complaining that someone in the same hotel as him was smoking marijuana. The person smoking the pot had a legal prescription for it. So what we have here is a smoker complaining about the smell of smoke. On top of that, someone who smokes cigarettes, which have no medical benefits whatsoever, is complaining about someone else smoking pot, which does have some medical benefits. Now, as far as I know, here in Canada you can’t smoke coffin nails or joints in any hotel room, so this is all a moot point to me, but I’d love to hear what you readers think of this situation. Me? I’m in favour of the all-or-nothing approach that the hotel is taking. If you’re a hotel that offers smoking rooms, then you should accomodate someone who is smoking medical marijuana. It’s medicinal, after all. If you don’t accomodate cigarette smokers, then don’t accomodate any smokers. Simple. But I can’t help but feel a little bit of seething annoyance at this cigarette smoker complaining about the smell of smoke, when I myself have found the smell of cigarettes clinging to me after someone lights one up nearby. On top of that, his “concern” for the children in the hallway who may have smelled pot smoke is nonsense – Stats Canada says second-hand cigarette smoke hits children the hardest, and seeing as smoking cigarettes is legal just about everywhere, it seems to me like cigarettes are a much bigger risk to childrens’ health than pot. What do you guys think?

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