Before They Were Stars: Sean Connery as Welder #1 in “Time Lock”

Like yesterday’s feature on William Shatner in The Butler’s Night Off, here’s another otherwise forgettable fifties film that has managed to maintain a place in history because it just happened to contain a famous actor’s official film debut. Time Lock is a 1957 British drama about a young boy who accidentally locks himself in a bank vault, so they launch an operation to rescue him before his air supply runs out. One of the characters who makes an attempt to break into the vault is “Welder#1”, who’s played by a young actor named Sean Connery. You can first see him at the 2:23 mark of this clip and he recites his first-ever lines of movie dialogue at the 4:35 mark (in a much thicker Scottish brogue than usual). Other than Connery’s debut performance, there isn’t anything else notable about the film, though I do find it interesting that even though the movie was filmed in Britain, the story is actually set in Toronto! This may be the only movie in history that takes place in Toronto and was filmed somewhere else, instead of vice versa.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Sean Connery, I just had to post this VERY bizarre Japanese commercial I just found where Connery shills a yogurt product called “Biogurt”. I don’t think any words could do this justice.

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