Before They Were Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger Ogles Women in the “Carnival Rio” Travel Video

If there’s one man who can never get enough “Before They Were Stars” features, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether he’s appearing on The Dating Game or struggling to recite an English sentence in Hercules in New York or comparing pumping iron to orgasms, there’s no shortage of priceless early Arnold footage out there. Gill sent me this clip from the early 1980s, when Arnold was on the very cusp of stardom, but not so famous yet that he wouldn’t accept a pay cheque to host a travel video called Carnival Rio. Here we see Arnold showing us the exciting world of Rio de Janeiro, but the whole thing mainly exists as a vehicle for him to ogle women. Direct quote from Arnold: “I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted to my favourite body part: the ass”. We get to see him erotically share a carrot with a young woman and he also takes the opportunity to grope a few half-naked dancers. Thankfully, Arnold has matured an awful lot in his respect towards women since then…

Never mind!

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