Felan Reads the Webcomics 3: Chainsawsuit

Hijinks ensue!

Some Sundays, Felan is too busy to write a full profile, so he posts his favourite webcomics instead.

Creator Kris Straub (who also did Checkerboard Nightmare and the ongoing Starslip) describes Chainsawsuit as “disposable Internet humour,” and while that may be accurate, it doesn’t quite do this simply drawn gag-a-day strip justice. Straub is a master of the self-referential parody-within-a-parody, framing real groaners in a way that lets you laugh at both the joke itself and the conventions of terrible jokes in general. This is like a really brilliant version of those dumb little comics you and your friends used to draw in the margins of your schoolwork. Rife with clever pop-culture satire (TV being Straub’s favourite target), but without falling into pointless reference-comedy, Chainsawsuit is more than just an outlet for Straub to toss out his weirder, sillier and cruder ideas – I consider it to be his best work. You can read Chainsawsuit most weekdays here: http://www.chainsawsuit.com/

(Bonus! Straub is also responsible, along with his pal Scott Kurtz of PvP, for the Flash-animated series Blamimations for Penny Arcade, and specifically for one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on the web – check out the LARPing segment that starts around 1:00 of this episode: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/blamimations/109/)

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