Remixing the Eccentric: The Ultimate Warrior

It’s time for me to make my first contribution to the “Remixing the Eccentric” files, though in this case, I might be compelled to replace the word “Eccentric” with “Batshit Insane”. If you grew up watching wrestling in the late eighties/early nineties, I’m sure you remember the Ultimate Warrior, who was one of the biggest and most popular superstars in the industry. Unfortunately, he may also be the biggest crackpot douchebag in the history of the industry as well. Virtually EVERYONE in the wrestling business who ever had to work with the guy just cannot stand him and it appears that the insane persona he always displayed onscreen was not that far from reality. For starters, he legally changed his real name from “James Hellwig” to “Warrior” and runs a very bizarre blog where he uses a lot of big words to express a lot of radical views in a very incoherent fashion. Some of the Warrior’s weirder antics have included expressing his anti-homosexuality stance by publicly declaring “Queering doesn’t make the world work”, and publishing a comic book with drawings of himself raping Santa Claus! Anyway, when I posted my “Top Ten Favourite Wrestlemania Matches” column this week, I included this VERY weird promo that the Warrior gave during the build-up to his epic match with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI, and someone has decided to do a very amusing remix for it.

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