Tron Light Cycles Board Game!

Youtube user kingtemp built a custom Tron light cycle game, and man does it look good. I’d have to play it to really understand how the game works, but the rules go something like this:

1. Each team takes turns moving a cycle.
2. You have to start with a 2″ light stream. You can accelerate or decelerate one size up or down on your next turn (2″-4″-8″-12″).
3. At the end of your move, you have to turn your cycle in the direction you will be moving on your next turn.
4. If you run over a light line, you explode and are removed from the board, along with your light trail.
5. The lines behind you either stay in place (classic mode) or disappear after five segments (new mode)

Could be fun! And it sure is pretty.

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