Wu Xia (a.k.a. The Swordsmen) Looks Like Tarantino-y Kung Fu Film Noir


Donnie Yen is back and kicking butt in this trailer for the new film Wu Xia, or as it’s known by its English title, The Swordsmen, directed by Peter Chan. Wu Xia follows the story of a sinful martial arts master who longs for a peaceful existence but finds himself hunted by a ruthless detective and his former master. Sounds pretty sweet to me! And look at all those wacky camera-zooms-into-the-victim’s-body shots! It’s like the old X-ray neck breaks from chop socky films of yesteryear crossed with the medical zoom shots from House or CSI! Being that I’m a huge Donnie Yen fan, you can bet I’ll be watching this as soon as it’s available in Canada.

Wu Xia has no North American distributor yet, but here’s hoping it snags one when it premieres at Cannes!

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