Get Up To Speed With Mortal Kombat: Legacy–Alkw

I just realized that I’m way behind on posting the webisodes of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Perhaps this speaks to my overall ambivalence towards them – they’re fun and have decent action, but they still don’t quite feel like Mortal Kombat to me (although, to be fair, the Kitana and Mileena episodes are a bit closer to the standard Mortal Kombat movie atmosphere). They’re enjoyable and yet, every time an episode ends, I don’t feel an immediate need to watch the next one. It’s like they’re the definition of 3-star entertainment for me: fun enough while I’m watching them, but not compelling enough to make me want to continue. Of course, all of this could just be because I’m a fickle guy.

Look under the cut for episodes 4 through 6!

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