Make Love The Tom Lando Way Retires!

Well, this is it guys. This is the be-all end-all of Tom Lando sexy times songs. It’s not that there aren’t more songs on my sexy times playlist. I have many, many more. The thing is… well, those of you that checked out any of these articles (and for those who haven’t, now you’ll know) will know that there was a large dose of Mindless Self Indulgence in the sexy times playlist that spawned this column. There was even a track by Capsule, my favourite band. So now we have Money Shot by Mustard Pimp ft. Jimmy Urine. Mustard Pimp’s music happens to sound a lot like something Capsule might make (that’s a really high compliment coming from me). Jimmy Urine is none other than the lead singer for Mindless Self Indulgence. It’s a match made in heaven (or sexy, sexy hell). Here we have a combination of some of my favourite musical elements in one song, and with lyrical content which… well, it’s just the ultimate Tom Lando sexy time song. Above is the music video, which uses a shortened version of the song, and below is the full version. Would you have sex to this song? I would. Over and over and over. Point made. Meditate on it. Good night everyone.

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