Before They Were Stars: 16-Year Old Katy Perry Sings Christian Music

I did a “Before They Were Stars” feature on Russell Brand a few days ago, so it’s only appropriate that I do one on his main squeeze, Katy Perry. And given her past life as a Christian rock singer named Katy Hudson, you probably figured this one was coming eventually. Indeed, before she made it big, Katy was raised in a strict religious household where her parents forbade her from listening to “secular music”, but allowed her to pursue a career singing Christian gospel music. After an unsuccessful solo gospel album, she eventually changed her name from Katy Hudson (to avoid confusion with Kate Hudson) to Katy Perry and, long story short, went to have a enormously successful career singing secular music about subjects that religious fanatics wouldn’t approve of while traumatizing young Sesame Street viewers with her cleavage. This hand-held footage shows her performing at the age of 16, singing her former style of music at a club in California. I’ve also included footage of a rare interview that was conducted with her that same year while she was on tour. It’s probably better to watch these clips here than on Youtube since the comment boards inevitably turn into a flame war between Katy Perry fans and those who accuse of her of selling her soul to the Devil.

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