Oh: No! The – Mission: Impossible – Franchise – Is: Being_Overrun – With: Punctuation, Marks!


A trailer for the latest Mission: Impossible movie has appeared, and yikes! Look at that title! It appears that Mission: Impossible has achieved Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life levels of overuse of punctuation! And while I’m complaining, that Eminem music might be a bit much. But guess what: those are the only complaints that I have about this trailer! For the fourth movie in a franchise that has sunk pretty low on the quality scale (I’m looking at you, Mission: Impossible 2), this looks like tons of fun. I just hope it does let me down the way Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides did. Mind you, M:I 4 (I’m sick of typing the title) has much more talent behind it. For one thing, this is the first live-action Brad Bird (of The Incredibles) movie, and if there’s one thing that Bird has shown us he knows how to do right, it’s action sequences. For another thing, it has Simon Pegg being a badass, as opposed to his relatively nerdy, comical performance in the previous Mission: Impossible film. And finally, it’s being made under the Bad Robot label, which means that J.J. Abrams no doubt has some part to play in it, however small. And after Super 8, he’s very much in my good books. This movie had better not let me down!

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol comes out December 16, 2011.

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