Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 1

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate, I have chosen a Canadian as my birthday for today. Dan Aykroyd has been in some classic movies. Following is an actual conversation I recently had with an 18-year-old girl I work with:
ME: I love Dan Aykroyd.
GIRL: Who’s Dan Aykroyd?
ME: Are you kidding me? Ghostbusters?
GIRL: What’s Ghostbusters?

After I finished crying, I came to accept the fact that I am getting older. Of course, Mr. Aykroyd, of “Saturday Night Live” fame has brought us such classics as Ghostbusters I, II, and the (possibly) upcoming III, The Blues Brothers, Coneheads, My Girl, My Stepmother is an Alien, Sneakers, The Arrow, Grosse Pointe Blank, “Soul Man”, and a funny cameo in Evolution. I just feel sorry for that girl who has no idea what she’s missing. And I actually have a personal connection to Dan Aykroyd! My aunt taught him in school, and years ago when she was in the hospital, he showed up one day to see her. My mom just happened to be there, and he signed an autograph for me!

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