Fake Grindhouse Trailer of the Year: “Van Gore”

The wonderful Hobo with a Shotgun was finally released on DVD last week and its filmmakers have provided an opportunity for some other ambitious filmmakers out there to possibly follow their same success story. Hobo with a Shotgun got its origin in the form of a fake grindhouse trailer created by some young Nova Scotia filmmakers and they won a contest to earn the privilege of having their trailer shown before the Canadian theatrical release of Grindhouse. The trailer drew such a cult following that Hobo with a Shotgun was eventually made into a feature-length film. Anyway, the makers of Hobo decided to return the favour by holding their own fake grindhouse trailer contest and the winner would have their trailer included as a special feature on the Hobo with a Shotgun DVD and Blu-ray releases. The winner was Van Gore, the story of an artist who likes to brutally murder people in order to paint his masterpieces their blood. Obviously, this premise was inspired by the Herschell Gordon Lewis film, Color Me Blood Red, but Van Gore looks a million times more entertaining and here’s hoping it follows the path of its predecessors and becomes a feature-length film.

For more details on Van Gore and the people who made it, check out their official website.


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