Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 24

the mike was born on this day in 1982 in Ottawa, Ontario. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Aylmer, Quebec. In the summer of his 17th birthday, he and his family moved to Orangeville, Ontario, where he currently lives with his wife. The picture above is a photo of Gill and myself. It was taken at one of my family reunions for the benefit of my Aunt Ricky, who was thoroughly convinced that Gill and I were dating.

I have officially completed an entire year of Celebrity Birthdays. I didn’t expect to make it a full year, but I stuck with it until the end, and now here we are. Unfortunately, I will regrettably be unable to continue with my daily posts. I have just recently become a first-time father, and simply do not have the time necessary to dedicate to posting something on a daily basis. I do, however, plan on writing an occasional post, so keep an eye out!

Having said that, I apologize to all of you if there were any celebrities throughout the past year who you did not like or appreciate. But let’s face it: when you have to choose someone every single day of the year, some days will be far better than others.

To my fellow Back Rowers, thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to continue reading all of your articles and posts!

This is the mike, signing off.

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