Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 30

You will read today’s celebrity birthday in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice. On this day in 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger – a.k.a. Arnie or The Governator – was born unto this world. Arnold began his career as a bodybuilder and won the title of Mr. Universe at age 20, then quickly made the transition to movies with his first starring role (credited as “Arnold Strong”) in the absolutely atrocious Hercules in New York – a film made before Arnold could even speak English properly. He followed up Hercules with a role as a deaf-mute hitman in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye and with a cartoony turn as a disco-suited cowboy in the ridiculous movie The Villain (which is actually a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine). But it was Conan the Barbarian, made in 1982, that shot Arnold into stardom, and since then his name has become synonymous with movie action. His filmography is an action fan’s dream, and includes movies like The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Commando, Total Recall, The Running Man, Predator, True Lies, Last Action Hero and The Expendables. He’s also tried his hand at comedy, but with mixed results, in films such as Twins, Junior, Kindergarten Cop, and Jingle All The Way. I’ll let you readers decide whether his role as Mr. Freeze in the atrocious Batman & Robin fits into either the action or comedy category. Outside of his acting and bodybuilding careers, Arnie was also elected governor of California and served as governor from 2003 until 2011. Shortly after stepping down from governer, Arnold announced that he would be returning to acting – a career move that was promptly put on hold when it came to light that he had an affair with his housekeeper and the two of them had a lovechild together. At the time of this writing, whether or not Arnold will act again is unknown. Ahhhhhnold turns 64 today.

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