Do You Hate Captain America, But Love The Avengers?

Then you’re in luck, because, in a strange move, Marvel has released the final minutes of Captain America: The First Avenger online. I have no idea what compelled them to do this – it seems like giving away the final scene of your film would be a terrible idea. My only reasoning is that they want The Avengers to be accessible to everyone, even those people who didn’t see Captain America, but again, this strikes me as a particularly odd marketing move. I guess Captain America made enough money that they’re not worried about this kind of thing. What’s more, most of Cap’s story takes place in the past, so showing the one scene set in the present probably doesn’t hurt that movie all that much. But still…very weird, Marvel. As a bonus, there’s a tiny tease of the Avengers teaser at the end of this, so it’s worth watching for that alone.

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