Before They Were Stars: Josh Lucas on “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”

Now here’s an obscure TV show from my childhood that I haven’t thought about in years! I remember back in the fall of 1990 when I was very excited to find out that a TV series based on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was going to be hitting the airwaves, and happened to notice that FOX was also going to airing a sitcom called Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, which, on the surface, seemed to be a complete Ferris Bueller rip-off. Well, the Ferris Bueller sitcom turned out to be a complete disaster and was cancelled after only 13 episodes (click here to get an idea why), while Parker Lewis built up a cult following, thanks to its very quirky and cartoonish style of humour, and managed to stay on the air for three seasons. Anyway, this particular episode features a small early role for Josh Lucas, who sports the douchiest-looking early nineties ponytail you’ve ever seen.

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