Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 31

Zack Ward was born in Toronto, Canada to Pam Hyatt – herself an actor. Apparently she was pretty hesitant about letting her son get into show business, but eventually Zack’s brother intervened and Zack was allowed to audition. His first big break came when he played Scut Farcus in A Christmas Story, and he’s been acting ever since. He actually boasts a really impressive filmography, and has played bit parts in just about everything, including but not limited to: My Secret Identity, Anne of Green Gables, Sliders, Maniac Mansion, The Outer Limits, Resident Evil: Apocalypse,sot Dollhouse, Lost, Deadwood, CSI, Postal, Transformers and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Me? I really dug his roles in Almost Famous and Freddy vs. Jason (even though his part was a small one). Zack turns 41 today.

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