Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 9

Okay, Jeffrey Combs is just awesome. I’ve always known him from his many roles in popular horror and science fiction films and TV shows, but it wasn’t until I researched him to do this write-up that I realized he’s only ever done horror and science fiction films and TV shows! Okay, okay, he’s done a bit of cartoon voice work, but a good 95% of Combs’ work is either horror or sci-fi, and he’s been working in those genres since the very start of his movie career. That’s some serious dedication! Here’s a guy who said to himself: “I want to be the king of all horror and sci-fi.” And then he went out and did it. All hail Jeffrey Combs! His most popular role is definitely Herbert West in the Re-Animator movies, but he’s also played parts in The Frighteners, From Beyond, and the remake of House on Haunted Hill. He’s also played numerous roles on the Star Trek television series, and has no qualms about wearing funny makeup, as you can see above. But my favourite role of his is definitely as Edgar Allan Poe in the Masters of Horror episode The Black Cat. He turns 57 today.

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