Before They Were Stars: Richard Kiel in “Eegah!”

When I saw that Gill had selected Richard Kiel as his “Celebrity Birthday of the Day”, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to put the spotlight one of the most infamously horrible movies of all time. Long before he was Jaws in the James Bond pictures, Kiel broke into the movie business by donning a loin cloth and playing the title character in Eegah!, the story of a killer seven-foot prehistoric caveman running loose through Palm Springs and kidnapping women. The film has achieved iconic status amongst “bad movie” buffs and was the subject of one of Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s most popular episodes, and after watching these clips, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble figuring out why. This isn’t just a bad caveman movie, it’s a bad caveman movie with MUSICAL NUMBERS, courtesy of the creepy-looking leading man, Arch Hall, Jr.. Would it surprise you to hear that the director of this film was Arch Hall, Sr.?

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