The Matrix vs. Dark City

The Matrix and Dark City are both movies that I’m very, very fond of, and both movies do a great job of exploring many of the same philosophical themes – the nature of reality, the idea of messianic figures who can control the world they inhabit, questions about memory and things of that nature. Youtube user ClaraDarko2 evidently shares my love of these two films and the themes they explore as well, because she’s made an awesome tribute video that showcases the similarities between the two movies – not in a way that compares them negatively or promotes one over the other, but in a way that exhibits just how great the films both are, how they stand apart, and how they fit together. Heck, they even used some of the same sets between the two films! Anyway, I totally love this tribute video. Now I’ve gotta go watch Dark City again, because it’s been far too long.

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