CNN Makes Worst Music Mistake EVER!

The Back Row loves posting clips of news broadcasts that make colossal screw-ups, such as when CNN inexplicably aired footage of the diarrhea scene from Dumb & Dumber during one of their segments, or the time a news station accidentally posted up a cute photo of a hamster instead of the mug shot of a suspect in the murder of a teenage girl. Well, CNN hit a new low during this seemingly harmless human interest story about a 103-year old woman who still drives, as they ended the segment by playing the WORST piece of music you could possibly play over a story with an elderly black woman! Much like the Dumb & Dumber footage, you have to wonder why this wrong¬†music was even queued to begin with, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this was a practical joke from someone who wanted to get fired.

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