Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 3

Oh hai, Tommy! Very little is known about director/actor/writer/producer Tommy Wiseau, but I can tell you this much with certainty: Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, produced, and starred in one of the worst films ever made: The Room. The Room was lambasted by critics immediately upon its release in 2003, but has since gone on to be one of the biggest cult hits of recent years, with midnight screenings frequently selling out, and audience members attending in wigs to throw plastic cutlery and footballs and interact with the on-screen dialogue. While it’s never been determined¬† whether the atrociousness of The Room was intentional or not, Wiseau continues to promote it to this day. I wish I could tell you more about Wiseau’s past, but he’s remained quite silent on the subject, stating that he grew up in New Orleans, and lived in France “a long time ago.” He then moved back and forth between the United States and Europe throughout his life, and at some point moved to San Francisco, where he was employed at a hospital. He turns 56 today.

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